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Hi, and welcome to Jabberdi, If you have ambitions for an independent career in the music industry. Sourcing the best music-related education or coaching ( free or paid) for yourself is a very important step in the process of achieving a good level of knowledge and skills in your chosen subject (s). Jabberdi is a resource-based web site to help you find the best coaching available to everyone who values easy access to online education and coaching. I've already published interviews with those who are already working in the industry, hopefully these individuals can add inspiration and more passion to achieve your own goal to carve out a career in the music industry.

Whether it's informative educational article's or music related online courses teaching you how to sing, play a guitar or generally educate yourself about the music industry.

Our goal is simple, source the best courses related to the musical arts and entertainments on the Internet. While keeping in mind It is also essential to include resource links to information, freely given by those who actually work in the music industry. So whatever type of coaching or inspiration you need in order to follow your passion in the music industry. I will be striving to provide you with expert advice, interviews with independent artists, who are cutting their own career paths in the music industry. All the way to helping you find the right coaching to achieve your own goals. Therefore, if it's a online vocal coach you are after to teach you how to improve your singing, a piano coach to teach you piano lessons or you are interested in finding the best online guitar lessons. I will be finding and reviewing or providing links to the best music related courses available online. is going to be an awesome resource you will not want to do without.  

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Does Superior Singing Method Work

Aaron Anastasi creator of the Superior Singing Method believes strongly that singing is something that can be learned by anyone with the right techniques and vocal exercises and can improve upon anyone's singing voice, even if they weren’t necessarily born with much ‘natural’ vocal talent... Aaron says it's extremely important that you use different types of voice exercises everyday except for taking one day off. Alternating exercises will enable you to build a strong vocal balance between your head and chest voice. With practice this will result in being able to switch between the two and hit the right notes.

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playing guitar on stage

Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Learning to play the guitar can seem intimidating, especially if you are approaching it with no previous musical background. But with some determination, a want to learn, and a hour or two a day you can be playing chords and scales you never thought possible in only a few months time!

Interview with James Moore The author of Your Band Is A Virus

Hi and welcome to an interview with James Moore, author of your band is a virus, CEO and founder of Independent Music After reading James excellent guide to promoting one's self as an independent in the music industry, I knew that...