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If you have ambitions for an independent career in the music industry.

Sourcing the best music-related education or coaching ( free or paid) for yourself is a very important step in the process of achieving a good level of knowledge and skills in your chosen subject (s).

Jabberdi is a resource-based web site to help you find the best coaching available to everyone who values easy access to online education and coaching. I’ve already published interviews with those who are already working in the industry, hopefully these individuals can add inspiration and more passion to achieve your own goal to carve out a career in the music industry.

Whether it’s informative educational article’s or music related online courses teaching you how to sing, play a guitar or generally educate yourself about the music industry.

Our goal is simple, source the best courses related to the musical arts and entertainments on the Internet. While keeping in mind It is also essential to include resource links to information, freely given by those who actually work in the music industry.

So whatever type of coaching or inspiration you need in order to follow your passion in the music industry. I will be striving to provide you with expert advice, interviews with independent artists, who are cutting their own career paths in the music industry.

All the way to helping you find the right coaching to achieve your own goals. Therefore, if it’s a online vocal coach you are after to teach you how to improve your singing, a piano coach to teach you piano lessons or you are interested in finding the best online guitar lessons.

I will be finding and reviewing or providing links to the best music related courses available online. Jabberdi.com is going to be an awesome resource you will not want to do without.

Online Singing Lessons + Reviews

voice-coaching-lesson-diaphragm-250Highest quality reviews on singing lessons online. I’ve searched and reviewed the most cost friendly and effective vocal coaching courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced singers.

Ease of access to the lessons and continued growth from beginner to intermediate and on to advanced pro levels of singing and performing, is the essentials of any quality online singing lessons.

The student needs to know that there is more help beyond the main course of lessons and can press on to achieve great things with their voice. Learning how to sing can be a challenge, it takes dedication and a lot of practice to become a pro.

I have written some High-quality helper articles on how to improve your singing voice and enlighten you to what will be expected of you to reach the highest plateau of singing.

However, If you want to take a vocal coaching course or find out more about online singing lessons read my superior singing method review it ticks all the right boxes and extends far beyond the main lessons.

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Online Guitar Lessons Reviews

picking your guitar

If you are into writing your own original song lyrics, producing music to back your songs or performing one of your favorite song’s acoustic style.

The guitar is one of the prime instruments that will help you to do that.

They come in many different types, and many genres of music can be played on them.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to know what the best type of guitar is to learn on – Acoustic Electric or Classical?

The acoustical guitar is the friend of the beginner who is learning to play the instrument for the first time. Every skill learned on acoustic guitars can be used on other types of guitars such as the electric, classical and even base guitar.

However, it should be known that base guitars can have six or twelve strings. Then of cause there is the question of the genre… Blues, classical, metal, country the list is many and the reason why I highly recommend you read my guitar tricks review. You will quickly learn how to play the guitar and master any genre of music. I’ve also written a few quality articles on learning to play the guitar.

Find Out How To Get Things Done

singer-composer-song-writerAre you already out there performing, song writing and releasing music? Are you weary of or wonder if any of those music promotion web sites are actually any good or right for you?

Having problems getting noticed, If you’re not sure how to get featured on music blogs and web sites. How to get yourself or your band noticed or promoted online. Get you’er original music, songs on to iTunes, Amazon, Audio-jungle and other prestigious sites.

We have articles and reviews on stuff like that written for you right now! We have more informative helper articles coming soon. Until then browse through what we have and get informed on how to get stuff done.

How To Get Things Done

If you are in the market for selling your music tracks or songs for commercial usage or want to know how you can do that? Then you will want to read our follow up from our last article, this time we take a look at Audio Jungle and what they have to offer the independent artist, composer and lyricists. There is big money to be made on selling commercial licenses to others who need your talents and high-quality music tracks, sound effect and songs for their own projects.

Finding and exploring new ways to earn money from your music should always be at the top of your priority list. In this article / review we take a look at possibilities of licensing your music to people who want to use your creative works for commercial gain. In this review, we take a look at http://www.licensequote.com and their embedded music licensing store you can use on your own web site to sell your music to the general public for personal use and also sell licenses for your creative works companies for use in commercial projects.

Tip's to get you and Your Creative Works Noticed...   Frustration for many is a fact of life whatever industry you want work in, especially so...

In this review, we take a look at the minefield that is Copyright ownership... Is it possible to retain ownership of your creative work without using a third party service to help prove you created the original music sample, melody, co-authored the lyrics or came up with that guitar riff whom everyone's talking about? Verbal agreements on ownership, contributions to a creative project and co-authorship can be made and broken or misplaced; future royalties and credit for your work can be lost. Songrite believes it's better to have an independent witness to your original copyright ownership then none at all, Read our review of the service they offer right here on jabberdi...

 "So long as you're not afraid to put yourself out there you could be a Singer songwriting superstar in no time! If your not up...

Promoting The Independent Artist And Bands Independent Music Promotions goal is to give exposure and promote the independent artists and bands, effectively removing the need to be actively promoting themselves and their music to the world.

DittoMusic Review Ditto Music is an independent music distributor created for the independent solo artist or band. Founded by Matt and Lee Parsons, back in 2006, they offer services to distribute EPs, Albums and single music tracks to digital-music stores, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and eMusic to name a few, Read what we think about DittoMusic, what they can do to get your music out there to the world, and most importantly, can they be trusted to keep their promises and deliver your music to the digital-music download stores on time?

Getting your music videos 1st on Google for a cover of a popular song is never going to be easy. Targeting the title and original...