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playing guitar on stage

Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Learning to play the guitar can seem intimidating, especially if you are approaching it with no previous musical background. But with some determination, a want to learn, and a hour or two a day you can be playing chords and scales you never thought possible in only a few months time!

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playing basic guitar chords

Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar Beginners

The purpose of this guitar helper article is to teach you, the basics on, how to play the acoustic guitar for beginners. You will learn how to play the chords’ G, C, and D, along with a basic strumming pattern with each chord you learn. The lesson is also suitable for those learning to play electric or classical guitars.

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Learn guitar online

Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Guitars are cool; they are the very definition of what is hip. If you are interested in learning how to play guitar, know that you can do so. All you have to do is enroll in online guitar lessons for beginners and you will be playing cool music in no time! Have you tried searching […]

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picking your guitar

Whats The Best Type of Guitar to Learn On is it Acoustic Electric Or Classical Guitar?

Many beginner guitar players wonder, “What the best type of guitar to learn on is, and how easy it is to transfer learned skills between acoustic, electric, or classical guitars?”   To answer these questions, it’s important to get some basic knowledge in place about guitars and playing music with them. Most guitars have six […]

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