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Charlotte Eriksson -AKA- The Glass Child -I’d Like To Remain A Mystery Album

Close up and personal interview with one of the best voices in the world of independent music, shes a talent with a mind for writing amazing lyrics and awesome to listen to her sing, The Glass Child shouldn’t be overlooked…

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Tiffany Alvord Original and Cover Songs -Images and Tiffany Facts

One of our predictions on Our Top 5 Up and Coming Female Youtube Groups and Solo Artists in 2012 was Tiffany Alvord and what a wonderful end to 2012, it was for her.

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Emily Katter Heart Explosion (Official Music Video and Play List)

Emily Katter is a pop singer-songwriter with a crowd-pleasing style in the vein of Natasha Bedingfield, Jessie J. and Robyn. Her debut EP “Shining Now” is produced by ROBOPOP’s Dan Omelio…

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Melanie Wehbe Playlist Including Her Original “Irresistible”

Melanie uploaded her first video to youtube on the 8 Dec 2010, singing her own original song “New Day”.

A testament to Melanie’s talent as an artist and individual uniqueness is her cover of “Payphone – Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa” uploaded on 16 Apr 2012. Melanie received 209,035 views in just three short months and earned the praise of Maroon-5 guitarist James Valentine. One of the greatest compliment’s any other talented artist can receive for a cover, is the praise of one of the original artists. James Valentine did not hesitate to share Melanie’s cover of Payphone on his own FB – Page.

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Cimorelli Sisters – Cimorellitheband

Cimorelli a sister band that needs no introduction if you are an avid YouTube user. However, if you don’t know who they are, I would like to welcome you to Planet Earth.

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Charlotte Black Playlist

Hi Charlotte Black fans and future groupies,
We found Charlotte on our favorite haunt YouTube by chance, and we were blown away by her voice…

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