Best Beginner Online Guitar Lessons and Chords to Practice

Online Guitar Lessons – It’s The Easiest And Fastest Way To Learn Guitar, You’ll avoid all the fluff and learn guitar chords fast.

The thing about learning guitar fast is to become fluent with your chords as fast as possible. Without knowing your chords, all you will achieve is a bland sound with no structure or style to your music.

you’ll soon become frustrated and give up learning. I don’t want that to happen to you simply because playing guitar is awesome.


If You Are Thinking Maybe a Few Structured Online Guitar Lessons Would Help To Learn Faster.

You’ll most likely want to find yourself some quality online guitar lessons, provided by a great guitar teacher to accelerate your learning.

A good guitar teacher has well laid out guitar lesson plans to teach you the fastest way to learn guitar. The lessons should be easy for any beginner guitarists to understand and progress quickly.

Online guitar lessons are where it’s at if discovering new guitar chords give’s you the OMG feeling.

A good coach and quality beginner lessons will be your guide to the promised land of finding your own CREATIVE guitar music.

I’ve put together a summary of the best beginner, intermediate, and advancement online guitar lessons.

They are provided by guitar coaches who concentrate more on chords and playing and less on the fluff.

The lessons are suitable for everyone to learn how to play chords and songs fast.

The courses summarized down the page, cover beginner online guitar lessons. Guitar theory, tabs, chords, songs all delivered to you via video, charts, pdf files and good support.


My Top Pick for Best Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners…



http://www.opennoteguitar.comopen note method teaching chords
Beginner and Intermediate Players.
Adults and Kids.
Cost: $34.95 One-Time Fee.
You Can Try Free Lessons, Simple E-mail Signup.

OpenNote is structured very differently from other online guitar courses. Gary Hochstetter, Open Note’s head coach teaches in a straightforward and easy to understand way.

Even very young beginners can understand and follow along with Gary.

Gary teaches you with his OpenNote Method, Your time and effort is put into learning chords and not so much time on the fluff found in so many other courses.

If you want to just learn and mimic popular songs, then this course is not for you. However, if you want to really learn to play and master your own music and explore your creativity then you’ll love this course.

Chords of a guitar are where it’s at, you’ll learn to play your way. Most coaches tend to teach you notes and tabs found in the most popular songs. This type of teaching deprives you of learning your own music and style.

Opennote is a fantastic guitar course. It’s full of short to the point video lessons backed up with simple to understand tab and chord charts.

Excellent for both adults and kids who want to learn how to play the guitar.

You get lots of engorgement from Gary throughout the lessons. There is no need to rush your home practice sessions and exercises.

You can take your time before moving on to the next lesson. There are lots in open-note-guitar you won’t find in any other guitar coaching program and the support received from Gary is excellent.

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My Pick for Best Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners, Intermediates and Guitar Advancement…


Guitar Tricks

guitar tricks online guitar lessons
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Players.
Adults and Older Kids 10+.
Cost: Tip, Signup for free lessons, wait for email deals to come. Requires a Simple E-mail Signup.

Guitartricks is all about guitar video lessons, thousands of them. You’ll be learning using the “Core Learning System”, You start with the fundamentals (level 1) move on to the fundamentals (level 2) then move off in the direction you want to go.

You can choose to learn Blues, Country or Rock styles of playing. Of cause, you don’t have to follow the core system, if you feel strong and have a cast iron will.

You can just head off into the sunset and lose yourself or your “mind, learning well over 600 + songs on your guitar and plenty of guitar tabs for beginners songs too.

There is a lot going on inside GuitarTricks, hundreds of songs to learn, thousands of video lessons and 32 guitar coaches waiting around every corner.

The coaches are there for every type of player, genre, style and guitar type using acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

32 instructors ready to teach you electric or acoustic guitar songs for beginners. You can learn to play.

Funk, Metal, Rock, Country, Blues, World Music, Bluegrass, Surf, Jazz, Rockabilly, Classical and Acoustic guitar.

My GuitarTricks Review.


My Pick for Best Online Guitar Lessons for Intermediate, Advancement Blues Style.


Texas To The Delta Blues Guitar LessonsJim Bruce teaching blues guitar
Course Type: blues guitar lessons
Intermediate, Advanced Players.
Adults and Older Kids Who Love The Blues.
Cost: $59.00 One Time Payment.

Jim Bruce started playing the blues over 40 years ago.

There’s no one I’ve found online with his experience who’s willing to teach the blues like the masters of the old days used to play.
You’ll get access to “forty blues lessons” that are on average 25 minutes long, spanning every genre of the blues.

You’ll learn blues guitar styles such as.

Delta blues, Piedmont, Country blues, Ragtime, and Bluegrass,

All in the styles of the great’s like.
Floyd Council, Scrapper Blackwell, Big Bill Broonzy, Brownie McGhee, Blind Willie McTell, Leroy Carr, Blind Blake, Blind Willie Walker, Mance ‘The Man’ Lipscomb and Blind Boy Fuller.

Jim’s style of teaching is exceptional, and learning blues guitar with Jim is a walk through history, of the blues genre.

The chance to have Jim Bruce teach you how to play the blues tabs is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.
My Texas To The Delta Review
My Exclusive Interview With Jim Bruce


Quick Basic Chord and String Guide

learning to play guitar

The rest of this page gives a quick guide on guitar strings, what chords are and some easy guitar chords to learn for the beginner a little more down the page.

All the guitar strings are referred to by a number. Imagine yourself sitting with the guitar in your lap.

The 6th low E string is the one closest to you, Ref.

The 1st string is the high E string. The closest string to the floor.




guitar low and high strings

The string notes on your guitar are easy to remember but don’t get confused about looking face on to the guitar or holding it in your lap.

Guitar in lap left hand on the fretboard and right-hand strumming strings:

  • 6th string – E  (Low – E, thickest)
  • 5th string – A
  • 4th string – D
  • 3rd string – G
  • 2nd string – B
  • 1st string – E  (High – E, thinnest)


So What Are Chords?

One or two guitar string notes played together, are not quite a chord, so they are referred to as an interval.

Keep that in mind because later on, you may get some confusion when you reach the easy chords to play.

When you group and start playing three notes or more, a chord is played.

3 string C chord shown on guitar tab chartA chord containing three notes is called a triad 3. Any three note triadic chord has four structures that are very easy to form. They flow in this order:

a) Major triad or basic triad
b) Minor triad
c) Diminished triad
d) Augmented triad







There is a mind-bending list of chords combinations you need to master to become a great guitarist.

That’s why it’s important to find a quality teacher if you really want a fast way to learn guitar.

But you don’t need to be a great guitarist or even learn them all to enjoy playing.

Greatness comes with continued practice and gaining finger muscle memory.

Over time, you will commit all the fingering for chords to your subconscious memory.

Once you have a few of the chords down, any average player can learn a full backing track for a cover song in a day or less.

Then have it mastered and polished inside a week and sound great playing it.

How fast you learn the guitar is influenced by how easy any lessons are to understand. Either paid or free and how the lessons are delivered to you.

Good coaches keep it simple, by teaching you the simple chords for guitar, until all the easy chords are learned and committed to memory.




You Can Get Started With These Free Easy Beginner Guitar Chords to Practice.

These are basic guitar chords every beginner should start with.

Once you put some solid practice into learning the basic chords on the guitar, you will build on your finger muscle memory.


Key Code:
1= Use index finger
2= Use middle finger
3= Use ring finger
4= Use little finger
X= Don’t Play String
O= O
pen Play String

Get started by playing some of the easiest guitar chords you will ever come across. zero finger chords. I know what you are thinking, what the hell. But they do actually exist.

Take note of the strings X= Don’t Play Strings.

Then moving on to one finger chords, remembering what you already read above about two strings played are referred to as an interval.

Beginner Guitar Chords to Practice

easy beginner guitar chords and tabs


Learning How to Create Your Own Chilling Music.

One finger chords are not going to turn up in most songs you hear or want to play. Unless they feature power chords. But for beginners, they are worth knowing just for some practice playing them.

Once you have these easy chords down, the more challenging chords and chord progressions will be so much easier to achieve.

Also knowing a few easy guitar chords is a great way to keep your interest up. Learning a full song on your guitar is only a small leap away. Ref:

It can all seem daunting at first and hard on the fingers. However, most songs played on a guitar only use four or five chords at the most, sometimes even less.

Once you understand chords and hardened up your fingers, built up your muscle memory. You’ll be playing other people’s songs in no time.

Better yet, believe it or not, you won’t need to climb any mountains or empty the bank account to take lessons to accomplish that.

Online guitar lessons are very affordable for everyone and there are some excellent guitar teachers producing some great guitar coaching programs.

No matter where you are in your learning curve there’s the right program of lessons just waiting for you.


Practicing More Of the Basic Beginner Chords.

Easy two finger interval chords and their equivalent 3 string chords.
Practice these, as a two string interval and three-string chords.

easy beginner guitar 2 chord tabs

Now practice all the C and C# chords and onwards.

C and C# guitar chords tabs


But, What if You Don’t Want to Take Online Guitar Lessons? Is it Possible to Teach Yourself To Play Guitar Without Paying for any Lessons?

learning to play guitar by yourselfYes, it’s possible, but you will need a lot of self-dedication to learn how to teach yourself to play guitar.

Along the way, there is always the possibility that you could end up very confused and give up.

But teaching yourself can be done if you search deep and hard, make notes of where you are in your learning and search for good guitar lesson plans.

You will also need to find some good muscle memory finger exercises.

These help to build up your fingers and memorize chord progressions.

And if you are totally new to guitar, you will also need to read up on and understand guitar tabs and charts.

For beginners, tab’s and charts can be difficult to grasp. But it’s one of the essentials for self-learning. I recommend guitar scale mastery by Craig Bassett.



However, You’ll Need To Be Aware Of, Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen…

Structured lessons have a beginning and the end result for the student.

If you end up reading a fair few books by different authors, guitar teachers on the subject of learning it can push and pull you in different directions.

Searching Youtube for free lessons can also have an undesired effect on learning. And will at some point add confusion to the learning process.

Free lessons are ok but, lack the depth and structure needed to take the beginner to the end goal of mastering the guitar.

There is also a lack of support, so you shouldn’t expect to get very far very fast. Free video guitar lessons are ok to spark interest.

However, most lack the depth needed for the beginner guitarist or even help you to learn a song. Ref:

For those who have taught themselves a fair few chords, but, are lacking coordination and speed on the fretboard.

Then I recommend a good Speed guitar shredding e-book, you can check out  The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity by Tennyson Williams.

It’s a good read, but you will need to be on top of your chords, it’s not a book for total beginners.


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