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Top 3 Best Online Singing Lessons For Developing Powerful Vocalization


Top 3 Best Selling Singing Lesson Courses

Elite Singing Techniques Phase 1

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#1 Recommendation for everyone who wants to learn how to sing…

It’s possibly the most advanced course you can take online at a price point that’s affordable for 99.9% of people who want to find their true voice.
Eric has been teaching people to sing to professional levels for over 20 years using his Arceneaux Approach method to gain massive performance improvements for his students.

Highly Professional Voice and Vocal Coach
Eric Arceneaux is the most popular professional coaches online who offer full vocalization performance courses. A recording artist and the founder of the Arceneaux Approach (AApproach) a coaching company that has served over 100,000 plus singers in over 80 countries worldwide.

Raving Reviews and Testimonials
He continues to produce best-selling full courses with raving reviews from his students. Not one to blow his own trumpet, he has released two successful studio albums and coached artists that have been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, MTV, and on X-Factor.

He’s very keen on having you start strengthening key areas of your vocals. Even if you are an intermediate or advanced singer you’ll get a lot out of Eric’s phase 1 teachings.

You will learn new exercises and gain the knowledge needed to free yourself of pressure to access your full potential. No more pressure reaching for the high notes you’ll realize all your notes effortlessly and seamlessly.

Full Elite Singing Techniques phase 1 Review Here

Advanced Warm up’s
There are 3 sections dedicated to the three unique voice types. Low Heavy -Medium and High Voice types.

Perfect for Beginners
Beginner singers will learn the benefits of well-structured practice sessions, with no fear of damage to your cords.

Perfect for intermediates
If you are at intermediate singing levels there is more you can do to iron out the wrinkles. While you may think you have it down, you may well be forgetting to cross the t’s and dot the I’s. You’ll learn a bunch of things for improvement before moving on to phase2.

Excellent for the Advanced
Advanced means you are the best you can be right? This course is phase 1 of a 3 phase course plan to lift and manage a singer to live T.V stadium performances you only ever hear from true professionals. Phase 2 of the system is already ongoing but it comes with a warning, take phase 1 first.

What you will get from Eric Arceneaux’s Elite Singing Techniques Phase 1 course

  • Professional Training” direct and to the point complete lessons.
  • Easy to follow HD Videos lessons.
  • Huge positive change in performance.
  • Eliminate Every Struggle That You Are Faced With When Singing.
  • Perfect for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Singers for massive performance gains.
  • Free your voice & remove the excess weight.
  • Get rid of hoarseness, soreness, & vocalization fatigue.
  • Eliminate strain and release into your upper range effortlessly.
  • Downloadable advanced warm up exercises for your voice type.

Eric Arceneaux demonstrates his (AApproach) methods

Click on the red button to skip the intro and go to the lessons.

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Elite Singing Techniques by Eric Arceneaux


Superior Singing Method -by Aaron Anastasi

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Aaron’s been around a bit, he not only teaches singing, he’s also a life coach. So he knows a thing or two about getting people to where they really want to be in life. If gaining pro abilities to sing is something you want to master then Aaron can help you obtain it.

Aaron Anastasi is a seasoned professional and has obtained degrees from Princeton and Lee Universities in New Jersey and Tennessee, respectively. So you can rest assured you are putting yourself in good hands.

The SSM main course is suitable for teaching absolute beginners to intermediates to gain next level performance. The course includes tips, song theory, voice and vocalization improvements with exclusive training exercises within the lessons.

You’ll get access to the main tuition and to several other free bonuses like learning to sing harmony with Grammy winner Nathan Chapman.


Full Superior Singing Method Review Here

Aaron's superior singing method

Solid Foundation for Beginners
Aaron teaches a solid foundation for beginners to build a powerful voice and move on to more intermediate and advanced lessons every career entertainer needs.

Monthly Intermediate and Advanced Vocal Club Optional
On top of the main program which is excellent for beginners and intermediates alike. One of the main benefits of the SSM is to take up the offer of Aarons monthly ongoing mentoring. For those who finish the main course, it will be your lifeline to massive improvements and achievements month after month.

Not Recommended for Advanced Singers Unless
Although the main course is excellent for most people. If you consider yourself more advanced than most but struggle with the finer points. I would recommend you opt for Aarons offer for his monthly mentoring only accessible after purchasing the main course.


What Aaron teachers you within his Superior Singing Method Course

  • Better Vocal Control
  • Develop More Accurate Pitch
  • Improve Tone
  • Improved Power
  • More Precise Vocalization Agility
  • Develop Your Mix
  • Increase Your Upper Range
  • Learn Advanced Singing Techniques

In the video below Aaron debunks the myth that people cannot learn to sing

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Superior Singing Method by Aaron Anastasi


Singorama Version 2.0 -by Melanie Alexander

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Singorama Pdf E-Books + Audio MP3 Lessons + Software all downloadable.

With 28 new interactive audio lessons added to the new Singorama version2, it’s not a course you should overlook. Developed to build your voice like building blocks it’s a simple step-by-step system to coach you effortlessly.

Comes with a 60-day refund guarantee. There are no video lessons with Singorama, in fact, the full course is downloadable mp3’s, PDF e-books and pitch software to practice note pitch.

– Singorama Mini Recording Studio
– Perfect Your Pitch Trainer Pro
– Jayde Musica


Full Singorama Review Here

Singorama singing lessons

Singorama is totally a digital download or accessible online. (there is no option to ship a CD version now they no long offer the CD version) and there are no video lessons. However, there is a members area you can log into, access or download only the files whenever you need too.

All the lessons and exercises, teaching is done via mp3 and pdf files and documents. Singorama was originally developed by Emily Mander. however, she left some while ago now your coach is Melanie Alexander.

It is possible to view the download area on a smart-phone, however, downloading and using the software parts of the course is not really an option you can use on your phone. I’m afraid you will have to use a laptop for that. However, all the mp3 audio exercises are ready to be downloaded and used with your phone. So you can listen and practice wherever and whenever you want.

So if you want to learn to sing using the singorama course you are going to be stuck using the program on your desktop computer or laptop when it comes to the software side of things.

Don’t let the fact that, there are no interactive video lessons turn you away. The audio mp3’s are high quality and overall the actual teaching is excellent.

It’s a good choice if all you want is audio lessons and readable content.

Melanie’s vast experience and training make her a consummate performer, able to perform a wide range of styles from pop to swing and blues. She was a member and lead singer of the girl group Girlfriend and were signed to a worldwide recording contract with BMG.

What you get with Singorama

  • 28 lesson interactive audio course.
  • Warmups
  • Strengthening Exercises
  • Range Extension Exercises
  • Interval Training for Singers
  • Three original songs for you to learn
  • Singorama Mini Recording Studio
  • Perfect Your Pitch Trainer Pro
  • Jayde Musica

Testimonial From Past Student

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Singorama Version 2.0 by Melanie Alexander


My Top 3 Singing Lesson Sites Comparison

Elite Singing Techniques Phase 1

  • Beginner -Intermediate -Advanced
  • Male and Female Singers
  • 9 modules 103 lessons
  • HD video lessons
  • Voice review (Optionally available to take)
  • Downloadable exercises MP3’s
  • Full bonus course | Sing From The Diaphragm
  • Sidebar interactive support
  • 915 reviews given 78% rate the course 5-stars
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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Superior Singing Method

  • Beginner -Intermediate
  • Male and Female Singers
  • 8 modules 50 lessons
  • HD video lessons
  • Voice review (No longer available)
  • Downloadable exercises MP3’s
  • 4 Bonus Modules
  • Email support only
  • Monthly coaching club advanced -optional
  • 60-day money back guarantee

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Singorama Version 2.0

  • Beginner
  • Male and Female Singers
  • 28 lessons
  • Audio MP3 average listening time 15 minutes
  • No voice review option
  • Downloadable exercises MP3’s
  • Bonus software bundle
  • Email support and help page
  • Innercircle monthly club -optional
  • 60-day money back guarantee

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FAQ About Online Vocalization Mentoring.

Differences Between Voice Teachers And Vocal Coaches And The Type Of Coaching They Provide

There can be a whole lot of confusion for a lot of beginners who want to learn how to sing when choosing between a voice teacher or vocal coach. So what’s the difference?

Both have typically the same job. They work with many different voice types and understand what drives a powerful speaking or singing voice.

Voice teachers tend to work with any level of singer, while a vocal coach will tend to work with singers for improvement gains such as power, song performance and more.

However, both teach vocal health, range, note accuracy, breath control, head -chest mix, and everything else you need to have a commanding powerful voice.

Both mentors provide training to help people with venue speaking – broadcasting, T.V, radio, presentation, voiceover acting, postures, breathing and so much more.

So digging deep can make all the difference. Not only to your performance and your overall experience gains… But also.

  • The right type and quality of the lessons
  • The quality of the coach or teacher
  • The platform and format the lessons are provided on, and how they are presented to you.
  • Even down to how interactive he or she is with you.

And last but not least…

The price you pay can make a big difference to the change in your pocket.

The amount you pay for tutoring is massively dependent on who is doing the tutoring. In some extreme cases, skype online singing lessons can cost a fair amount.

However, coaches or teachers who ask for big money are usually those who work with celebrities and well-known singers or professional speakers and offer Skype lessons as part of their teaching. But, Overall, tutoring online is far more cost effective for everyone than paying for local one to one lessons.


How Online Mentors Teach You To Sing?

You are taught systematically with video lessons and other written materials. The tutor explains and performs the lesson so you know what is expected of you.

It’s as though you were standing in front of them. It does not matter if you are a total beginner. Even if you don’t feel you have a lot of natural ability to sing. So long as you perform the lesson as instructed you will learn and improve.

There are few limits on how fast you can go, once you safely build on the lessons and you have become more in tune to the exercises the safer you are to extend your practice sessions.

If you are a total beginner do not over extend yourself keep to the lessons, listen to your coach about not pushing too hard, you will still notice improvements. And if you’re too busy to practice on certain days don’t worry because you have unlimited, lifetime access and download options to the programs so you can go at your own pace.


How to Monitor Yourself For Ongoing Improvements?

Most people who take private lessons only take one a week. If they found themselves a good pro coach, the lessons should be recorded to reference your improvements and that’s exactly what you need to do yourself.

To monitor improvements yourself, you need to let a high-quality voice -sound recorder to be your ears. It’s a fact that we do not hear ourselves the way other people do.

When you speak or sing you feel the vibrations in your bones and tissues. You’re hearing the sounds as they bounce around inside you before emerging into the world in front of you.

When people listen to you speak or sing. They only hear what emerges from you into the air space in front of you. So you can hear your improvements yourself over time.

You should record all of your practice sessions over a month, then listen to your first practice against your latest; you’ll be like WOW is that really me?


How Vocal Cords Work? And Why You Can Obtain The Voice You Want

  • Your versatile cords you were born with, are the extreme example of a two string instrument”.
  • A fact is that with the right type of exercises, you can use muscle memory to acquire the voice you want. So with the right lessons, anyone can learn to sing or obtain (A STRONGER COMMANDING VOICE).
  • Music notes are created in a unique way by vibrating the cords. Small amounts of air build up behind them. When the pressure of the air becomes greater than the pressure above your vocal cords they open to release and close faster than you can blink your eyes.
  • The air release process happens at a considerable rate causing vibration. A good example of this is the note ( A -above- C ) when sung. The vocal cords open and close 440 times a second to produce the frequency required to perform the note.
  • Beginner and advanced singers alike can over time master and control the air circulating around their body cavities and learn to manipulate the air released through their vocal cords with practiced muscle memory to produce the perfect notes time after time.